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Color rubber product manufacturing method

coloring method for rubber products mainly include surface and mixing colouring of two kinds. Surface table is the coloring agent is sprayed onto the surface of rubber products, rubber product coloring. The Act has certain effect on static products, and the products, colorants and easy to peel, wash after wash. Rubber coloring mixing colouring is currently the main method of solution method and the method of mixing the two. Method of mixing dry powder coloring, color colored coloring, grain and masterbatch colouring, in several ways.

coloring by solution method: this method is a good solvent for rubber dissolved into solution, then coloring agents and rubber compounding ingredients other than sulfur added to solution mixture evenly, dropped at a certain temperature drying solvent, finally adding sulfur on the mixing machine. This colouring method is complex, uneven coloring agents and match agents, chromatic aberration, and solvent recycling, pollution of the environment, are now less used.

coloring mixing method: this method is the coloring of the most commonly used method for rubber products, is the coloring agent directly or mixed with the carrier and then adding compound through mixing machine mix to make rubber coloring. Specific methods are as follows.

powder coloring which was directly powdered colorant added along with the small rubber, mixing in the mixer. The advantage of this method is simple, low cost, but mixing dust, pollution of the environment, and less dispersion, color, excellent if too thick, can also cause color, stripes or HPLC quality problems such as pollution, are now less used. For ease of use, can be powdered colorant and stearic acid, sulfate made pre-dispersed colorants, such as, the market had already been sold.

colorant coloring coloring of the Act is to be used with the liquid ingredients (plasticizers) mix, made with three rollers grinder grinding paste or slurry, and then press a percentage added to the rubber mix. This approach avoids the dust also colouring agents dispersed in rubber, uniform color. But color colorant content in low, coloring is not high, traffic, loss, not convenient for users.

grain stain colorant pellets prepared by two. First species method and other powder tie agent made grain method as, first will powder coloring agent with surfactant infiltration, again by wax melt or and resin melting extrusion Hou made grain; second species method is will coloring agent with surfactant infiltration Hou again by mechanical force of role makes coloring agent particles refinement, made must concentration of dispersed body, again and LaTeX mixed total sank, by dry Hou rolling tablets made grain. How for anionic and non-ionic surfactant, such as fatty acid, sulfonates, usually in natural rubber latex in LaTeX. This granular coloring agent easy to use, good dispersion, no dust, does not pollute the environment, bright, uniform hair color, no color, is a very promising method of coloring. But granular colorants fabrication complex, expensive, limiting its widespread application.

masterbatch colouring which is stain, some plasticizers and other rubber ingredients made by mixer mixing rubber with concentrations of about 50% pigment masterbatches and proportional coloring added to the rubber. This method on the dispersion of fine particles, hard colouring agent coloring more effective, even hair color, no color. Meet the masterbatch colouring when concentration masterbatch and deducted the amount of other ingredients.

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