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The principle and influencing factors of foam rubber

solid rubber foam rubber sponges, the principle is added in the selected rubber foaming agents or adding foaming agents, blowing agent decomposes to release the gas at temperature, is surrounded by rubber forming cell forming sponge '' and the rubber compound expansion. The main factors that determine and influence the cell structure: foaming agent for gas, gas diffusion in the compound, compound viscosity, foaming agent and the cure rate is '' one of the most critical gas evolution, speed of producing gas and glue curing rate matching.

1. foaming agent for gas evolution and decomposition rate of

gas evolution refers to the quality of the foaming agent foaming agent to resolve completely the release of gas in the standard State volumes, measured in mL/g. Foaming agent under certain temperature, decomposition refers to '' a certain quality of foaming agent of decomposition gases released per unit of time. Due to the polymer does not in itself change the mechanism of decomposition of blowing agent, so you can not measure gas evolution of the foaming agent in the polymer. Usually is will foaming agent put people must temperature of inert dispersed agent (as DOP or mineral oil) in the '' heating a time '' collection released of gas '' draws gas volume (conversion for standard conditions Xia of volume) with heating time of relationship curve (as Figure 6-1), by curve of slope can get the temperature issued bubble agent of decomposition speed, decomposition completely Hou of gas total volume divided by sent bubble agent of quality on get sent bubble agent of gas volume. Foam types vary, different size '' temperature '' break down at different speeds. Under normal circumstances, low decomposition temperature of blowing agents, break it down fast; with a foaming agent, small particle size, temperature, speed its decomposition. Foaming agent for gas evolution and decomposition speed affected the cell size and structure, gas evolution, fast decomposition, the formation of foam, open probability.

the decomposition of blowing agent speed and analysis of rubber curing rate matches the

matching of the two affected the cell formation and structure. If the decomposition of blowing agent speed or rubber vulcanization speed were too different, incompatible and is not foamed. The decomposition of blowing agent curve matching the rubber vulcanization curve diagram as shown in 6-2. 6 vulcanization curve is the curve in Figure 6-2, a scorching, d for optimum cure points. At a point, not cross-linked rubber compound, blowing agent decomposes (curve 1), releasing the gas can easily escape from the compound with low viscosity, (not to be continued)