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Principle and influencing factors of foam rubber II

(prev) after curing foam-free if blowing agent in the early heat curing

(AB paragraph) decomposition (curve 2), due to rubber material has began make joint, rubber material of viscosity rose, but still lower, bubble hole hole wall weaker easy rupture, formed open hole structure; if in hot sulfide medium-term (BC paragraph) sent bubble (curve 3), due to rubber material has has appropriate of sulfide, viscosity more high, hole wall strong easily rupture, has more of closed hole structure generated; in hot sulfide of late (CD paragraph) sent bubble (curve 4), rubber material has most make joint, viscosity is high, foaming agent decomposition produced of gas diffusion difficult, Networking less chained to form a closed-cell structure and cell; if d or d points of foam at a later stage (curve 5), and rubber materials have all been cross-linked, the viscosity is too high, no foam.

to achieve a combination of matching, make better products, select foam and glue curing system is the key. Specific method has two species: a is according to sulfide temperature select decomposition temperature and of phase adapted of sent bubble agent, then again according to foaming agent in the sulfide temperature Xia of decomposition speed to adjustment rubber material sulfide speed, as used late effect sex promote agent and other promote agent and sulfide system, can used adjustment promote agent of dosage to Regulation sulfide speed; II is in sulfide system determine of situation Xia, according to sulfide speed select foaming agent varieties and the right of grain diameter. Size of the foaming agent is also foaming agents rate of one of the most important factors. Particle size decreases, the surface area of the particle increases heat transfer efficiency, speed of decomposition, so can choose the appropriate size to adjust the foam blowing agent decomposes speed and balance between adhesive curing speed. In addition, strict control of particle size distribution of the foaming agent is the key to cell. Foaming agent AC average particle size between 2 ~ 15fnn of different particle size range of AC blowing agent.

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